McCullough Grants Program

The Betty Ann McCullough Fund

A teacher for more than forty years for the North Gibson school system and with Oakland City University, Betty Ann McCullough dreamed of furthering education in Gibson County.  She loved to teach and had an interest in encouraging students to develop skills in using the language of mathematics.

In 1997 Betty Ann McCullough died before realizing her dream, but her friends and family created the Betty Ann McCullough Education Fund.  The fund addresses the four areas of education that McCullough felt strongly about.

1. Betty Ann McCullough Education Grant

This grant is a scholarship available to graduating seniors of Princeton Community High School who demonstrate outstanding perseverance in mathematics and language arts throughout high school.  Applicants must have surpassed expectations as indicated by past performance; intend to continue education in the mathematics field in college or vocational school; and succeeded in overcoming cultural, health and domestic obstacles.   Learn more ...

2. Teaching Achievement Grant 

This grant supports a periodic teaching achievement award for a public school teacher, aid, assistant or tutor for outstanding dedication and success in improving the mathematics or language arts skills and knowledge of students in public schools of Gibson County.  Learn more ...

3. Education Seminars and Convocations 

Seminars or convocations in science, mathematics, and language arts for Gibson County teachers, aids, and assistants make up this area supported by the fund. Learn more ...

4. Enrichment Project Grant

The fund also supports a periodic grant to schools, libraries and other public education organizations benefiting Gibson County.  These grants are awarded for innovative projects, programs and equipment to enhance mathematics, science, and language arts education opportunities for youth and adult residents.  Learn more ...

Deadlines for Applications

Applications for the Betty Ann McCullough Teaching Achievement Grant, Education Seminars and Convocations and the Enrichment Project Grant are due December 16, 2013.

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